پوستر نمایش مرجان

The International Toyota Poster Biennial of Japan (2021) was held, and among the finalists of the 13th edition of the festival was a poster for the play “Marjan” designed by Sina Afshar.

The finalists of this triennial will be among the assets of the Toyama Museum of Art, in addition to being exhibited and printed in a book.

This art event is sponsored by the Toyama Museum of Modern Art (Japan Graphic Designers Association, Tokyo Art Directors Association, Tokyo Illustrators Association, Tokyo Letter Design Directors Association, and Toyama Poster Organizing Committee).

The poster of the play “Marjan” written and directed by Arian Rezaei and starring Elham Pavehnejad was performed in November 2016. This play is based on the story of “One Thousand and One Nights” and focuses on the research “Where is a Thousand Myths” by Bahram Beizai. This work was shown online on November 17 or November 7 in Melbourne for Iranians living in Australia.